Spider’s Men

or Raj against the Ravine (Session 7)

Excerpt from Murmer's journal.

It is hard for me to describe to you what our adventures has been, the fearsome creatures and lands that are "not our home". That phrase has always meant not of The City but when I use it I mean to say not of our cosmos, as if there could be something outside of everything. But that is actually where we Stray Curs have been. Outside the everything. I understand now that we live in a blessed land where water drips from the green leaves. Here the land is not but dry dirt.

Our guide Chukka leads us out of his village and toward the canyon lands.

T'an Sen gets to know our new companion better and does his best to translate for the group. Chukka's knowledge of this land helps avoid some of the natural dangers of this land. Eventually Arlen's bracelet begins to pulse indicating the Spire is near.

We arrived at the canyon lands and the grandest of canyons lies before us immense and impassable. The bracelet indicates the spire to be below the group. We would need to find a way to negotiate down the sheer cliff.

Jebs finds a rough “trail” down to a place to begin to rappel followed by Crabs who climes easily on the craggy surface. Guthark follows and rappels down another length of rope and finds a hook imbedded in the canyon wall. This will be helpful but who put it here? That question was answered by a volley of arrows from his left. The assailants emerge from a tunnel in the cliff’s face and spiders quickly skitter out attaching web cords for them. Jebs has Crabs attempt to do the same so they can move toward their attackers.

Chukka finding no good opportunity to get to his prey lets go and leaps down upon the enemy below. It’s like a deadly circus act as one by one the spiders and the men fall.

What seems to be the leader beats a hasty retreat into the tunnel. The Curs follow, he cannot escape the clutches of Guthark. They try to get him to talk to no avail and he accepts his fate stoically. They delve further into tunnels that continually split using the bracelet to guide the way.

Jebs who has taken point is ambushed by a Rock monster and two more surround the team. These creatures were almost impervious to weapon attacks, when they struck it was like being hit by an avalanche, and they also could meld into the surrounding rock. The situation was dire, in desperation I vocalized a thunderous wave.  It seemed to push one of the creatures into the rock wall and it didn’t (at least immediately) reemerge. T’an Sen followed suit, the cavern was filled with a deafening thunderous harmony and the monsters were gone for now. The gang moved on banged up and ears ringing until we entered a large cavern occupied by an underground city. Was this the location of the Spire?


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