The Spire Opens

Session 3: Nov 3rd

Snakes and Ladders

The team looks at an opening into darkness. Somehow the bracelet found by Arlen was the key to activating this door lock, they just need the find the right combination of runes it seemed. Is this where the Chads came from? If so the unique runes found on them may provide clue. But the Chads' runes didn't work; the ones strewn around the ruins did. After playing around with the controls in opening appeared in the spire complete blackness, and as the others try to decide what to do next Arlen disappears into it.
Lightning strikes at the group but not from on high but from within the forest. Fight response wins over flight and the rest of the group assails their attacker. Head to toe armor, no way to tell what sort of creature encased inside. The team surrounded it most of their blows hardly damaging it. The thing finally succumbes disintegrating into ash. 
Meanwhile inside Arlen found himself in a room much larger than the outside area of the spire, in which he found more control panels and doors and tried to gain his bearings.
The rest of the team went in and all experienced the disorienting bigger on the inside perception.
There is no trace of Colo'shi's relentless touch here. Like a mine with smooth walls and objects the like of which are only found in ancient ruins. 
More symbols, a room full of them. One more room, a barracks it seems. 
In the room with a list of three rows of symbols they fine a hatch the opens to a ladder that extends as far as can be seen. 
They spend some time pondering the symbols before deciding to go down the ladder. They secure in themselves together with a lifeline and go down, down, and down. They finally come to another hatch go in to find what seems to be very similar place to the one they left except for its code of symbols and this one's outside was nothing but water. They went down the ladder some more and were attacked by flying snake things. 
A couple of the Bush Whackers were down for the count but some heroic acrobatics by T'an S'en saves the day. 
The team reconnoiters back at the water world base to heal up and try to decipher these symbols. 


Didn’t take notes, so please make corrections or additions if needed.

The Spire Opens

Looks good, thanks Lance! Love the Snakes & Ladders pic. :)

The Spire Opens
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