Chukka is the product of the brutal, unforgiving desert world he calls home, where the weak exist to serve as sustenance for the strong. By the time he reached adolescence, he was renowned in his village for his great size and strength. The other youths revered Chukka for his fighting prowess and recklessness when facing danger. It was around this time he began adorning his armor with the bones of the fallen. Today he wears a mishmash of bones from beasts and men, comprising a nearly complete skeleton around his body.

Chukka’s wild abandon in combat nearly cost him his life. As part of the village’s maturation ritual, Chukka went into the desert alone for seven days and nights. Utterly confident regarding his survival, he almost didn’t notice the giant scorpions lying in wait. He fought desperately, but realized he was outmatched and resigned himself to destruction. However, a disheveled, elderly figure with a quarterstaff rescued him from certain doom. The nomad, referred to as Dung Mouth by the locals, saved Chukka from the scorpion poison coursing through his veins.

Dung Mouth took Chukka under his tutelage and trained him in the ways of the wild. Chukka became an expert tracker and grew to understand the harsh landscape both as a giver, as well as a merciless taker, of resources. He also taught Chukka calm and poise in battle and to harness his wild abandon. However, the brazen desert warrior is not always successful and oftentimes finds himself in situations cooler heads would have avoided.


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