Colo'shi Adventure Log
blog kept (mostly) by players

In general, this will be a place for the campaign players to log adventure notes, partially to keep track of things, but mostly just for fun.

Before our first session, I will try to use this in "player secret mode" so that each character can develop a little bit prior to the party coming together. I will also use these developments to help develop the overall story, from initial meetings all the way through mini-plots for each character.

Please let me know when you are ready to start doing some one-on-one RP'ing. Your character doesn't have to be finished yet – perhaps this will even help in that regard. We can do as much of this as you personally want to do, time permitting, but in any case I recommend that you allow at least a week prior to our first session so we have some time for a little back and forth.

Plant Perils and Ape-ocalypse!
Session One: Wed Oct 12

After character and backstory intros, the party is brought before Pran Paroo, an officer ranking directly below the leader of The Protection (Kan Amnar), who describes a terrible new danger to The People. Several villages throughout Colo'shi have been attacked by a previously unknown race of humanoids, who kill and loot (often taking odd objects rather than valuables) before disappearing back to the steaming jungle. The party is instructed to travel to D'Orshan (a village relatively near The Edge) with great haste, as an attack could fall on that location at any time.

DM Note: In recorded history, The People have never encountered another species like this. They are used to encountering countless variations of strange plants and beasts from the jungle, but they have never met another tool-using species. This had caused immense uproar amongst the entire population aware of the attacks. So far, there are no reasonable theories regarding where they may have come from. (Unreasonable theories, of course, abound.)

DM Note: In normal circumstances, such a group would be led by a seasoned veteran. Kan Amnar, however, has made the decision to send all available personnel to defend the most valuable villages. This decision has been met with some arguments, but Kan is firm in his belief that the attack (or invasion?) must be repelled at all costs. This explains the circumstance of a relatively untrained team being sent. The Protection is simply too short-staffed to defend every village. As it is, Kan has had to make the extremely difficult call regarding which villages receive aid.

After saying farewell (perhaps for the last time?) Arlen, Murmer, T'an S'en, and Jebs trudge westward hastily but resolutely…

Three days of uneventful jungle slogging bring the party to the battlemat: for some reason, this gentle creek before them seems a bit… off. Bubbling slowly, its noxious vapors waft towards the party, and then – is that plant advancing towards us? Of course it is! Welcome to the jungle, baby! Roll for initiative!

A spray of poisoned thorns perforates the party, and then they spring into action: Jebs hits the dirt, cocking his crossbow to let bolts fly, while T'an S'en and Murmer (after a few potshots) bravely advance through the creek, whose acid scorches their flesh. Battle is joined, and the party's blades hack at 3 "shooty plants", who are knocked down but quickly regenerate. Murmer leaps across the creek to pummel a "bitey plant", but the potted pestilence pounces, and begins to draw him into its grotesque maw… "feed me!"

Working together, Jebs and T'an S'en drag one plant, then another, into the acidic waters of the creek, which prevents their regrowth. Arlen keeps Murmer from turning into plant food, and finally the leafy villains are dispatched. 

After a short rest, the group continues on Jebs' "shortcut" route, and a day later, the village of [ insert village here ] appears in a clearing ahead. 

The headman of the village, Borla D'Orshan (Borla means "village leader") is consulted, and after some discussion of the current peril, it is agreed that while the village works to strengthen the stockade walls and other defenses, the party will look into the disappearance of a villager, who was snatched from a patrol a few days ago. Bread is broken, and beds are made for the weary adventurers. Once 8 hours of sleep have elapsed, fulfilling the D&D 5th edition requirements for a long rest, the group awakes and trudges warily but heedlessly northward, following the path described by their scrawny native guide.

The patch of jungle where the hapless villager was snatched is located, and Jebs examines the trees and vines in the area, performing some creepy ritual which makes the party a bit nervous. He declares that the man who was snatched was fearful and surprised, but not like "what the hell is that thing!?!?!" kind of scared, more like "here we go again!!!". So, what could it mean?

A vague trail is discovered to the north, and so the party follows it…

After an hour or so, rustling is heard overhead, and then, whoosh! Whoosh! In quick succession, one party member after another is snatched into the leaves above. WTF! Time for some Theatre of the Mind! 

Exotic ape-like assailants have decided to feast on man-flesh today, and we're on the menu! The sinister simian savages swiftly seize the party members, and it's every man for himself! With some clever teamwork, hooting, and general chaos, the apes are beaten back, and miraculously, no one is even missing any limbs…(although Murmer sustained mortal wounds: see addendum)

The mystery of the disappearing villager thus solved, Jebs, T'an S'en, Arlen, and Murmer return to D'Orshan with their scrawny (but now blooded) guide. It appears that some force is driving the apes and other jungle denizens southward… what could that be?


DM Notes:

Some of the names above may differ slightly from those provided during the session. Let's just say that I had a computer syncing problem and lost a few details. If anybody took notes and wants to correct me, go for it.

Here are some other tidbits of info that the party learned during the session. None of these seem strange to the characters, even if they do to the players. After all, this is all the characters have ever known:

• History has traditionally been oral. Recently (the last few generations), some people are starting to write things down.

• The Edge of land consists of un-scalable rock walls. Every few years somebody dies in an attempt to get over them, but nobody ever has.

• Flying animals seem to "top out" at a certain altitude.

• The Protection employs a few Calling Orbs that are strategically positioned throughout the land.

• Members of The Protection wear amulets that receive instantaneous signals from Calling Orbs within range (approximately 8 miles). The wearer of the amulet immediately understands the direction that he/she must travel in order to reach the Calling Orb. Members may also use their amulets to call for help. This only has a range of approximately 1.5 miles. Any other member of The Protection within range will instantly know which direction to travel to reach the individual that made the call. Members of The Protection are trained to only use this feature when aid will result in a positive outcome for The People in general. E.g., it would be frowned upon to use it to simply call other members of The Protection to their likely demise.











Nasty, Brutish, and Long
Session 2: Wed October 26

Arlen, Murmer, T'an S'en, and Jebs have returned to D'Orshan and begun to brace the villagers for an attack they fear is immanent. But as they fortify the wall and plan their deployment, a bedraggled runner from the Protection staggers in to the village. Gurthark (for this is the runner's name) informs them, between gasps, that a much larger and strategically vital village, Nana'shan, may already be under siege. Protection forces from two other villages are already on their way.

Despite the urgency, the party decides that Gurthark must rest before they can continue on, so they pass some time in D'Orshan. But as the sun gets low, in rushes a scout—the jungle creatures are headed this way! Our heroes keep the city gates, and the villagers man the walls.

Creatures leap from the jungle, and to the attack! First come a wave of reptilian beasts, the size of large dogs, with tails that bear a club-like object at the end. Our heroes face two of them. They don't prove too difficult, but by the time they're defeated, a beast the size of a small barn, with vicious horns and skin like boiled leather, has burst through the undergrowth and is heading for the village gates! And shortly behind it are three more of the dog-things, one closer in size to a leopard!

There are some close calls, but the party—and the village—survives with no actual loss of life. The characters stay on for the night to rest, to heal their wounds, and to argue about whether to head straight for Nana'shan (as instructed) or to explore the tantalizing ruins just a little out of the way. Duty prevails, and the characters, being given a heroes' farewell, make their way towards the (likely) besieged town.

That day passes uneventfully, but the next day the party's amulets send a signal! A member of the Protection (or at least someone who's got an amulet) is up ahead needs help (or wants our heroes to think they do)!

The heroes hurry towards the amulet, watchful for a trap but anxious for the life of a fellow Protection member. And indeed, a Protection member it turns out to be—a heavily wounded woman who calls out to them. The party's best fighters run towards her, but before they can reach her she falls dead, a spear protruding from her back. And it's obvious where the spear came from—it's what looks like another set of adventurers, but from a twisted dimension. They walk upright and carry weapons, but they're (gasp!) not human. It's also obvious they're not friendly, so the battle is joined.

These baddies are tough, and so's the landscape—although it's harsh on heroes and chads alike. The trees try to ensnare and entangle people, but to those who escape, they provide both cover and a combat boost—firing needles in the same direction as any attack made from within. The fight rages for a long, long time—the single heavily armored chad and a robed chad that casts spells are eventually brought down, but it takes a minutes-long war of attrition before everything is settled. Our heroes are battered and bloody by the time the last chad falls.

Even so, there's only time for a short rest (and a search of the bodies—though the weapons and armor generally seem crude, and so the heroes take only the robed chad's sword, they were carrying something of note: flat stones, about the size and shape of coins, with unidentifiable runes on them) before they hurry off towards Nana'shan to help with what they're sure is impending disaster. But when they get there, they discover that the disaster has already happened—days ago. There are many dead chads, but even more dead humans. Not a living soul seems to remain.

After this anticlimax, the heroes decide to rest up for the night and track the origin of the chads' tracks. They came from the ruins! Or, it turns out, something just a little ways off from the ruins—an obelisk of a smooth, white material, referred to as a Spire (there are only two in all of Colo'Shi). Tracks lead from this obelisk, but none lead to it, so the party decides that it must have been the origin of these chads, or at least their gateway into this world.

Initial searches of the obelisk are fruitless—it's as smooth and featureless as it appears at first glance. But when Arlen approaches it closely, his bracelet glows—as do two previously invisible runes, and a circular depression appears below the rune. Arlen recognizes one of the runes as meaning something like "Go" or "Travel," and the other meaning something like "Home" in an arcane script, although using the two of them to mean "Go Home" would be unidiomatic.

The depression looks just the right size for a stone "coin," but the ones from the dead chads are immediately spat out. But the characters search the ruins and discover similar coins that have symbols close—tho not identical—to the symbols on the coins procured from the chads. The characters hold hands, the coin is inserted in the depression, and a door opens into the dark.

DM Note: Excellent write up! There's a lot of info there. I made a very few tiny corrections. The coins from the ruins have a symbol that is similar to the symbol on the coins you got off the chads. I also noted that the obelisk is referred to as a Spire. Thanks for putting in the effort to create such a great record of the session – much appreciated!

DM Note: I have changed (ever so slightly) the description of runes and circular depression on The Spire. When Arlen's bracelet is in proximity, both runes AND the circular depression appear (i.e., the runes do not function as buttons).

The Spire Opens
Session 3: Nov 3rd

Snakes and Ladders

The team looks at an opening into darkness. Somehow the bracelet found by Arlen was the key to activating this door lock, they just need the find the right combination of runes it seemed. Is this where the Chads came from? If so the unique runes found on them may provide clue. But the Chads' runes didn't work; the ones strewn around the ruins did. After playing around with the controls in opening appeared in the spire complete blackness, and as the others try to decide what to do next Arlen disappears into it.
Lightning strikes at the group but not from on high but from within the forest. Fight response wins over flight and the rest of the group assails their attacker. Head to toe armor, no way to tell what sort of creature encased inside. The team surrounded it most of their blows hardly damaging it. The thing finally succumbes disintegrating into ash. 
Meanwhile inside Arlen found himself in a room much larger than the outside area of the spire, in which he found more control panels and doors and tried to gain his bearings.
The rest of the team went in and all experienced the disorienting bigger on the inside perception.
There is no trace of Colo'shi's relentless touch here. Like a mine with smooth walls and objects the like of which are only found in ancient ruins. 
More symbols, a room full of them. One more room, a barracks it seems. 
In the room with a list of three rows of symbols they fine a hatch the opens to a ladder that extends as far as can be seen. 
They spend some time pondering the symbols before deciding to go down the ladder. They secure in themselves together with a lifeline and go down, down, and down. They finally come to another hatch go in to find what seems to be very similar place to the one they left except for its code of symbols and this one's outside was nothing but water. They went down the ladder some more and were attacked by flying snake things. 
A couple of the Bush Whackers were down for the count but some heroic acrobatics by T'an S'en saves the day. 
The team reconnoiters back at the water world base to heal up and try to decipher these symbols. 

Spires & Sand Dunes
Session 4: Nov 29

After recovering from the snake attack, our heroes continue to explore the inside of the spire. Based on the Chads’ tokens as well as the symbol map in the spire, they surmise that the Chads’ home world is several levels above. Given that their mission is to stop the Chad invasion, they climb up the ladder, only to discover that it is broken a few levels up, with no obvious way to bridge the gap.

Before exiting the spire, they explore the remaining destinations accessible from the spire, and find the following new worlds:

1. A sand world. Based on some quick experiments (with some party members remaining in the spire), the spire disappears from sight as soon as a character enters the sand world. They see some small dots in the distance, behind the sand dunes.

2. An ice world. Cold…

3. An air world – nothing but air around them…

To summarize, here are all the accessible worlds, ordered from top to bottom:

  1. Sand
  2. Ice
  3. Colo’shi
  4. Water
  5. Air

The heroes decide to trek to the second spire, on the far side of Colo’shi, to see if this allows them to get to the Chads’ world. Since The City is on the way, they stop there to resupply and update The Protection on their findings.

They tell Protection Leader Kan Amnar their crazy tale, who immediately gathers his advisors – one of which Arlen studied with for a while. He recounts several other tales of the jungle spirit [what we called the “robot guy”], who is apparently always seen alone and only around the spire. He reluctantly agrees that the party’s tale seems to make sense, as hard to believe as it may be.

The party continues to the second spire. They are able to gain entry, but find nothing but a pile of rubble inside, with no way to climb up. Oh well…

Given that the first spire is blocked at the top and the second at the bottom, they surmise that the Chads must have cut through either the sand or ice world to get to Colo’shi. Therefore, they decide to return to the original spire with sufficient water supplies to cross the sand world and hopefully gain access to the second spire from there.

After the long march back to the first spire (stopping for supplies on the way), they re-enter the sand world. They drive a pole into the sand as a marker that points towards the spire. They then proceed in the direction of the presumed second spire.

Along the way, they pass a ruined city, where Jebs has a vision (after touching a doorknob) about the Chads making it to Colo’shi. Now they know they are indeed on the right track.

However, a bit further they are ambushed by several humanoids with a monstrous pet. Apparenty, they were expecting the party! The humanoids speak a different language, but there is no time to attempt to communicate before the battle ensues. One of the humanoids wields a weird rounded throwing stick that – as if by magic – returns back to his hand after throwing it!

The battle is quite intense, and our heroes barely manage to defeat their foes. Arlen only narrowly escapes death, thanks to Murmur reviving him with a goodberry.

To be continued…

Rise of the Skeletons
Session: 12/14/16

After a long rest which seems to have mostly restored their strength, the party heads off in the direction that they hope will lead them to the Spire's twin. Before long, they find themselves before a massive blade of rock perhaps 150 feet high. The sheer sides offer little in the way of hand or footholds. After some discussion, it is decided that the unlikely prospect of scaling the rock would not be worth the effort of loss of time.

Skirting the rock, they come upon the remnants of a long-abandoned town. Whether the town was abandoned months ago or decades ago (or more) is impossible to tell — such is the effect of the dry sandy wind. The group explores the towns ruins, finding little of value or import. T'an and Jebs head towards the largest building. The simple hall is unadorned. Among the random discards, abandoned tables and chairs, T'an finds the remnants of an old book. It seems as if it might crumble with too much handling. Pages fall out as it is handled — and many seem to have been removed or decayed into dust long ago. As he gently handles the book, T'an has has a feeling that he has seen this writing before though he cannot imagine where. It is nothing like any writing that he has seen on Colo'shi — completely unlike modern writing or the ancient runes carved in the ancient mine shafts of Home. He has a fleeting sense that he can read these pages — a strange melody plays in his head and the sound of unfamiliar speech. Jebs coughs and the T'an is suddenly aware of his surroundings, and the music is gone. The book seems totally foreign. A thought remains, "I should be able to read this book. If only I can find that melody. It is the key."

By now the group has joined T'an and Jebs. Arlen asks, "Jebs what do you get off that book?" Jebs puts his hand on it and mumbles his spell and loses himself in concentration. After some moments, he glares at T'An. "I have a very clear reading. The last person to touch this book was totally mystified by it. That was back in a time called: Two Minutes Ago." Our heroes have a good laugh, wrap up the book carefully and head on their way.

Not far outside of town, they find 2 × 2 rocks space out like breadcrumbs. Are these markers of an ancient road. After several uneventful hours, a massive beast appears over dune. It has thick leathery hide, two horns and a bony frill-like neckplate. This beast moves at an incredible speed considering its huge size. The gang strikes at it with magic and arrows, but they seem to be doing little damage. Brave, raging Gurthark stands in front of it and is nearly trampled. While the beast is distracted, T'an approaches from behind and somersaults onto its back — barely holding on. Stabbing it in the neck while the beast tries to trample and gore the other heroes who  eventually gain the upper-hand and slay the beast.

The crew continues on their way. Bruised and worn, they come upon more ruins and a field of partially-buried stone tablets and small obelisks. Stone garden? Graves? Some sort of time markers? The adventurers are curious about the meaning of the stones and what artifacts might be found. The sandy ground is easy to dig. They find skeletons buried in the sand — some bones indicate grievous injuries but no artifacts of note are found. Arlen, Murmer, Gurthark, T'an and Jebs rebury the skeletons, but as they leave to explore the town's building, skeletons rise from the sand and attack.

The battle is furious. Just as our heroes seem to be turning the tide against their bony foes,  a skeleton unlike the others emerges from a nearby building. They can feel his power. The powerful skeleton is only fully visible from the waist up and fades to invisibility below the hips. The relentless attacks bring brave, powerful Gurthark near death just as the team finally vanquishes the magical fading skeleton captain whose army sinks back into the sand. Powerful magic and some good luck saves Gurthark from death.

Weary, the group takes refuge in the largest building and treats itself to a well-deserved long rest. In the morning, Arlen seems hyper and cannot stop fiddling with his magic bracelet. T'An S'en relates his dream to the team: "I was sitting near a campfire. I was part of a group of unfamiliar people, like none that I have seen on Colo'shi. They were telling stories and holding council. Their words and intonations were unfamiliar, but I had the feeling that with each word they spoke that I was nearer to understanding them. The fire warmed me in a way that seemed more real than a dream. I was certain that one of the men made a joke about my standing to close to the fire and that I was able to reply a word or two in his language. The strange words I heard — the odd clicks and gurgles they made while speaking are fading — but I feel as if I heard it again, I might understand some part of what was said."


Here Be Dragons

Yeah, I know this looks more like a black dragon. *You* find a picture of a copper dragon spitting actual acid.

Jebs summons a new crabby companion, and with its help, our heroes resume their search for water. But just a couple of hours into their travels, they're dive-bombed by winged horrors, and wow does their charge pack a wallop! But it soon becomes clear that the creatures aren't there to kill; what they really want is the party's cherished canteens. The party kills off most of the thieves, but not before a couple of them escape with almost half their remaining water supply. With only a half-day of water left, the intrepid explorers might be in big trouble—but there's nothing for it but to push on.

And finally, that persistence is rewarded—there's an oasis up ahead! But it seems to be already in use—animals big and small line the edges, drinking their fill. Most of the dumb chums pay humans no mind, but a particularly hulking and sharp-toothed brute fixes them with a stare and watches their every move. Once it's alert, the other creatures silently disperse like fish parting before a shark. T'an Sen manages to establish a line of communication with the monster, but the beast is not open to negotiation. It thinks the oasis belongs to it, that the water is its hoard! The heroes, with no other sources of water on the horizon, have no choice—detente means desiccation. The battle is joined.

This critter is tough. Packs a wallop, spits acid, breathes slo-mo gas… he almost has our heroes for lunch! But in the end they pull through, and explore the dragon's hoard of priceless treasure—a lake-full of water in the middle of a desert.

But there's something unusual about this lake—a drain. A pipe is gradually sucking in water. It's much too small to enter, but it's not too hard to figure out which way it's going. An actual working human artifact seems a novelty on this bone-dry world, so the party, after refilling its water skins, sets off in their best guess as to its direction.

Over the dunes the party goes, and finally, off in the distance, a reward—another town, and this one looks populated! We don't know whether the locals are friendly, but we send T'an Sen and Arlen forward to let them know that we come in peace.

Amazingly, T'an Sen can actually speak their language! Not only are they friendly, but they want to whole party to meet their leader. And she's full of questions—about who we are, where we come from, and why we're here. At long last, with the help of some Informational Illusions, we're able to explain about Colo'shi and the CHADs.

The desert people had trouble with the CHADs once too—they came through their world, raiding and pillaging, and then disappeared as mysteriosly as they had come. She's all for our mission to wipe them out. Even better, she recognizes our Tokens, and has a couple almost like them herself, so we should be able to enter the spire on the other side. And best of all, she knows where that spire is—inside a network of caverns—and can send some guides with us as far as the cave entrance.

A night of hearty feasting and campfire stories follows, and the next morning we set off on the next leg of our journey!

Spider’s Men
or Raj against the Ravine (Session 7)

Excerpt from Murmer's journal.

It is hard for me to describe to you what our adventures has been, the fearsome creatures and lands that are "not our home". That phrase has always meant not of The City but when I use it I mean to say not of our cosmos, as if there could be something outside of everything. But that is actually where we Stray Curs have been. Outside the everything. I understand now that we live in a blessed land where water drips from the green leaves. Here the land is not but dry dirt.

Our guide Chukka leads us out of his village and toward the canyon lands.

T'an Sen gets to know our new companion better and does his best to translate for the group. Chukka's knowledge of this land helps avoid some of the natural dangers of this land. Eventually Arlen's bracelet begins to pulse indicating the Spire is near.

We arrived at the canyon lands and the grandest of canyons lies before us immense and impassable. The bracelet indicates the spire to be below the group. We would need to find a way to negotiate down the sheer cliff.

Jebs finds a rough “trail” down to a place to begin to rappel followed by Crabs who climes easily on the craggy surface. Guthark follows and rappels down another length of rope and finds a hook imbedded in the canyon wall. This will be helpful but who put it here? That question was answered by a volley of arrows from his left. The assailants emerge from a tunnel in the cliff’s face and spiders quickly skitter out attaching web cords for them. Jebs has Crabs attempt to do the same so they can move toward their attackers.

Chukka finding no good opportunity to get to his prey lets go and leaps down upon the enemy below. It’s like a deadly circus act as one by one the spiders and the men fall.

What seems to be the leader beats a hasty retreat into the tunnel. The Curs follow, he cannot escape the clutches of Guthark. They try to get him to talk to no avail and he accepts his fate stoically. They delve further into tunnels that continually split using the bracelet to guide the way.

Jebs who has taken point is ambushed by a Rock monster and two more surround the team. These creatures were almost impervious to weapon attacks, when they struck it was like being hit by an avalanche, and they also could meld into the surrounding rock. The situation was dire, in desperation I vocalized a thunderous wave.  It seemed to push one of the creatures into the rock wall and it didn’t (at least immediately) reemerge. T’an Sen followed suit, the cavern was filled with a deafening thunderous harmony and the monsters were gone for now. The gang moved on banged up and ears ringing until we entered a large cavern occupied by an underground city. Was this the location of the Spire?

Caverns & Creatures
Session 8

After discovering the underground city, the party deliberates how to proceed. They eventually decide to send the two heroes that speak the local language: T’an S’en and Chukka. After encountering some initial distrust, they manage to convince the leader that they are here to fight the green Chads (who apparently also took out the village’s outpost… ahem…). They are, very reluctantly, granted passage through the village and pointed in the direction of a tunnel where the Chads previously came from (and which the villagers have since blocked off with boulders).

The party finds the entrance but decides to look for another one, as the entrance is thoroughly blocked. No problem: they find their way around to the other side.

As they progress deeper into the caves, they are suddenly attacked by a bizarre plant monster with four enormous tentacles that rises from the ground. Several party members find themselves grabbed and flung through the air. They make some progress chopping and shooting at the tentacles (which appear to be paralyzed by cold, as Murmer discovers when casting a frost spell), but another four tentacles appear! In the end, our heroes prevail and continue through the caves.

Several hours later, they encounter a group of little humanoid creatures – some of which appear to be shamans of some sort, casting protective spells over their peers. Our heroes slaughter the creatures and proceed, but additional waves of creatures appear sporadically and attack the party. They eventually discover that they can scare the creatures off by making their voices boom.

Finally, they discover a tunnel that is so unnaturally dark that even those who possess darkvision are unable to see without a light source. The little creatures appear behind the party and attempt to drive them towards the tunnel by throwing rocks at them. Having nowhere else to go, they continue through the tunnel, which finally opens to a familiar sight: the spire!

Unfortunately, this is protected by a huge, unnatural looking beast that, with its gaze, briefly paralyzes some of our heroes. Our heroes attack, only to discover that regular weapons seem to have little effect on the creature – while magical attacks hit easily and cause damage. Gurthark tries to jump onto the beast but it vibrates in a very weird way, making it impossible to hold on. To make things worse, an odd humanoid with swords as hands (and the ability to teleport and cast other spells) steps out of the spire and attacks the party as well.

It’s a close call. The spire’s door opens when Arlen comes close with his bracelet, but he falls unconscious (right into a magical fire created by swordhands) before the entire party can enter the spire. Worse, Gurthark and T’an S’en are trapped inside the spire by a magical web and have to hack their way out to help the others. But in the end, the beast and swordhands are defeated and the party enters the spire, finding it decorated as a living space – apparently swordhands had made it his home.

Reminders to DM & party re special items:
- dagger with two blades (given to the party by the matriarch of Chukka's village
- ring found in the bowels of the squid-thing
- medallion worn by "sword hands" of the last encounter



A Critique on Cubism
or We're the Men in a Box. Session 9

The gang spend some time recuperating in this spire, a spire quite different than the others they’ve entered. The most notable difference is that the panel of symbols in the "elevator/transport" room are not merely a list of numbers, but are are controls of some sort.

T’an Sen attempts to translate, but can only make out the words "practice," "example," and "caution," or at least words that mean something like that. They begin to experiment with activating the symbols to try and get a sense for their purpose or meaning.

They manage to activate some process they don’t really understand, a voice comes out of nowhere, but they can only pick out a few words outside of any real context. They are transported to a large square "room"  containing nothing but two solid cubes of unknown material. 

They are not alone for long as the voice repeats mostly incomprehensible words.

Then the ground beneath their feet changes and they are then beset by metallic humanoid creatures who they manage to defeat. Afterwards, they find that they can return to the spire by standing on a glowing line on which they first appeared.

They try again, and unfortunately are transported back into the cube for another combat, which happens in a completely different-looking environ. This time are attacked by deadly giant spiders that crackle with electricity, they are hurt badly but manage to defeat the monsters.



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