House Rules

The DM reserves the right to change any of the following to make things more balanced (or just ‘cause he feels like it).


Humans on Colo’shi are quick healers. They have to be in order to survive.

  • As an action in combat, characters may choose to Self Heal, allowing them to recover as if they were spending a hit die. Characters may not Self Heal again until after they have short or long rested.

  • When rolling for heal points via a hit die, rolls of 1 or 2 are rerolled (repeatedly, if necessary). This also applies to the Self Heal action.

  • The number of hit dice regained during a long rest is rounded up (instead of down). E.g., at 3rd level, characters regain 2 hit dice instead of 1 after a long rest. 


If a character ends a move action by using up all available movement points and is exactly 1 square short of reaching a melee target, the character may Lunge as a bonus action. Lunging moves the character 1 square and allows a melee attack. A character with the ability to attack multiple times may also Lunge between attacks. Any attacks made after a Lunge have a -4 penalty. Characters may only Lunge on their turn and may only do so once per turn. 


The following rule publications are within bounds:

House Rules

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