A Critique on Cubism

or We're the Men in a Box. Session 9

The gang spend some time recuperating in this spire, a spire quite different than the others they’ve entered. The most notable difference is that the panel of symbols in the "elevator/transport" room are not merely a list of numbers, but are are controls of some sort.

T’an Sen attempts to translate, but can only make out the words "practice," "example," and "caution," or at least words that mean something like that. They begin to experiment with activating the symbols to try and get a sense for their purpose or meaning.

They manage to activate some process they don’t really understand, a voice comes out of nowhere, but they can only pick out a few words outside of any real context. They are transported to a large square "room"  containing nothing but two solid cubes of unknown material. 

They are not alone for long as the voice repeats mostly incomprehensible words.

Then the ground beneath their feet changes and they are then beset by metallic humanoid creatures who they manage to defeat. Afterwards, they find that they can return to the spire by standing on a glowing line on which they first appeared.

They try again, and unfortunately are transported back into the cube for another combat, which happens in a completely different-looking environ. This time are attacked by deadly giant spiders that crackle with electricity, they are hurt badly but manage to defeat the monsters.



Didn’t take notes so a little fuzzy on some of the details.
Specifically need help with the items (? xxx ?).

A Critique on Cubism
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