Caverns & Creatures

Session 8

After discovering the underground city, the party deliberates how to proceed. They eventually decide to send the two heroes that speak the local language: T’an S’en and Chukka. After encountering some initial distrust, they manage to convince the leader that they are here to fight the green Chads (who apparently also took out the village’s outpost… ahem…). They are, very reluctantly, granted passage through the village and pointed in the direction of a tunnel where the Chads previously came from (and which the villagers have since blocked off with boulders).

The party finds the entrance but decides to look for another one, as the entrance is thoroughly blocked. No problem: they find their way around to the other side.

As they progress deeper into the caves, they are suddenly attacked by a bizarre plant monster with four enormous tentacles that rises from the ground. Several party members find themselves grabbed and flung through the air. They make some progress chopping and shooting at the tentacles (which appear to be paralyzed by cold, as Murmer discovers when casting a frost spell), but another four tentacles appear! In the end, our heroes prevail and continue through the caves.

Several hours later, they encounter a group of little humanoid creatures – some of which appear to be shamans of some sort, casting protective spells over their peers. Our heroes slaughter the creatures and proceed, but additional waves of creatures appear sporadically and attack the party. They eventually discover that they can scare the creatures off by making their voices boom.

Finally, they discover a tunnel that is so unnaturally dark that even those who possess darkvision are unable to see without a light source. The little creatures appear behind the party and attempt to drive them towards the tunnel by throwing rocks at them. Having nowhere else to go, they continue through the tunnel, which finally opens to a familiar sight: the spire!

Unfortunately, this is protected by a huge, unnatural looking beast that, with its gaze, briefly paralyzes some of our heroes. Our heroes attack, only to discover that regular weapons seem to have little effect on the creature – while magical attacks hit easily and cause damage. Gurthark tries to jump onto the beast but it vibrates in a very weird way, making it impossible to hold on. To make things worse, an odd humanoid with swords as hands (and the ability to teleport and cast other spells) steps out of the spire and attacks the party as well.

It’s a close call. The spire’s door opens when Arlen comes close with his bracelet, but he falls unconscious (right into a magical fire created by swordhands) before the entire party can enter the spire. Worse, Gurthark and T’an S’en are trapped inside the spire by a magical web and have to hack their way out to help the others. But in the end, the beast and swordhands are defeated and the party enters the spire, finding it decorated as a living space – apparently swordhands had made it his home.

Reminders to DM & party re special items:
- dagger with two blades (given to the party by the matriarch of Chukka's village
- ring found in the bowels of the squid-thing
- medallion worn by "sword hands" of the last encounter




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