Spires & Sand Dunes

Session 4: Nov 29

After recovering from the snake attack, our heroes continue to explore the inside of the spire. Based on the Chads’ tokens as well as the symbol map in the spire, they surmise that the Chads’ home world is several levels above. Given that their mission is to stop the Chad invasion, they climb up the ladder, only to discover that it is broken a few levels up, with no obvious way to bridge the gap.

Before exiting the spire, they explore the remaining destinations accessible from the spire, and find the following new worlds:

1. A sand world. Based on some quick experiments (with some party members remaining in the spire), the spire disappears from sight as soon as a character enters the sand world. They see some small dots in the distance, behind the sand dunes.

2. An ice world. Cold…

3. An air world – nothing but air around them…

To summarize, here are all the accessible worlds, ordered from top to bottom:

  1. Sand
  2. Ice
  3. Colo’shi
  4. Water
  5. Air

The heroes decide to trek to the second spire, on the far side of Colo’shi, to see if this allows them to get to the Chads’ world. Since The City is on the way, they stop there to resupply and update The Protection on their findings.

They tell Protection Leader Kan Amnar their crazy tale, who immediately gathers his advisors – one of which Arlen studied with for a while. He recounts several other tales of the jungle spirit [what we called the “robot guy”], who is apparently always seen alone and only around the spire. He reluctantly agrees that the party’s tale seems to make sense, as hard to believe as it may be.

The party continues to the second spire. They are able to gain entry, but find nothing but a pile of rubble inside, with no way to climb up. Oh well…

Given that the first spire is blocked at the top and the second at the bottom, they surmise that the Chads must have cut through either the sand or ice world to get to Colo’shi. Therefore, they decide to return to the original spire with sufficient water supplies to cross the sand world and hopefully gain access to the second spire from there.

After the long march back to the first spire (stopping for supplies on the way), they re-enter the sand world. They drive a pole into the sand as a marker that points towards the spire. They then proceed in the direction of the presumed second spire.

Along the way, they pass a ruined city, where Jebs has a vision (after touching a doorknob) about the Chads making it to Colo’shi. Now they know they are indeed on the right track.

However, a bit further they are ambushed by several humanoids with a monstrous pet. Apparenty, they were expecting the party! The humanoids speak a different language, but there is no time to attempt to communicate before the battle ensues. One of the humanoids wields a weird rounded throwing stick that – as if by magic – returns back to his hand after throwing it!

The battle is quite intense, and our heroes barely manage to defeat their foes. Arlen only narrowly escapes death, thanks to Murmur reviving him with a goodberry.

To be continued…


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