Trans-dimensional Monkee Puzzle-fest

This time it's fur-sonal...

Figure 1: Space Ape with unusual damage resistances

The intrepid party once again braves the unknown, traveling from spire to spire to get ever closer to the homeworld of the dreaded Chads… this time, none of the old rules about life and death apply!

Gurthark, T’an S’en, Chukka, Murmer, Jebs, and Arlen are minding their own business and punning along nicely when, suddenly, they are attacked by "space apes" that seem to become immune to damage in some manner. After a serious loss of blood, the party discovers the secret: hit each ape with 5 different types of damage to gimp the chimps! We all breathe a sigh of relief during our mandatory short rest… then the journey continues…

Hark! What are those strange fractal-esque pockets of color ahead? And those amorphous blobby humanoids? Well, we're soon to find out! Each party member is trapped inside of a "bubble" with a different attribute-sapping nemesis… and some are ill suited for the challenge! Jebs struggles to best his opponent in feats of strength, but alas, the dice are ever in his dis-favor, and he weakens… like the rest of the party, Jebs struggles for a tactical advantage. By carefully and considerately queuing up to swap spots through a narrow inter-bubble nexus, the party eventually gains the upper hand (after a few scary knockdowns) with better attribute matchups . Whew, glad that's over. What else stands in our way? The party pauses for milk and cookies.

Aw, dammit, what now? A new wave of dimensional denizens assault the party, with predictable results: confusion, desperation, then – inspiration! (with a few hints from the DM). These baddies seem to be mirroring our actions… if we hesitate to attack, they also hold their fire, at least till the end of the round. By holding our actions in a semi-disciplined manner, the party eventually unlocks the pattern: attack at the end of the round to give better than we get. After a brutal melee, the intrepid adventurers once again bandage their wounds, have a bite of Cratz, and soldier on to the spire in the distance…


Thanks, Jon – great write up! Brings it to life. :)

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