Human-skinned half-orc barbarian




Gurthark was born in an outlying village, but his deep fascination with the jungle caused him to abandon home for the jungle at 10. He managed—against considerable odds—to survive until near-adulthood by mimicking the behaviors of jungle animals, at first those who were prey but later the predators themselves. But when he was attacked (and nearly killed) by a lone warrior in the jungle, he fled before him (or her—Gurthark never got a clear view beyond the impression of ferocity and steel); nothing had trained him to fight trained fighters with real weapons.

He emerged in his home village, from which he’d never gone that far, and despite his learned suspicions of humans attempted to make a life for himself there. But the village didn’t know what to do with him. He’d never learned social skills beyond those of a child, and years in the jungle had made him suspicious of, and tounge-tied near, other humans.

But a recruiting delegation to the village found him and discovered just how fierce a fighter he was. The Protection could use someone like him, they said, and they promised (only-half jokingly) that his strange habits and feral manner would go unnoticed in the cultural stewpot of the city. That’s where he’s been since 16—learning to fight with weapons and to accept orders (which he can now do—most of the time), and serving the city. He’s still not quite comfortable with other humans, but he’s at least found a place among them.


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