T'an S'en



Skin: Dark gray; Hair: golden; eyes: violet


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(Draft) I grew up in the hinterlands in a village not often visited. Our town gathers a mineral that The City — through some tech unknown to us — converts into a source of energy. Mineral, as we call it, is found in the Ruined Mines, ancient abandoned mines only recently rediscovered. The encroaching jungle does not grow near the mouth of the tunnels that lead into the mine. Two varieties of Mineral can be found — and glow pale green or blue.

My older brother, Kwan’ha, trained himself in the fighting arts. On his 18th birthday (when I was just 10) he left for The City to join The Protection. His caravan never reached The City. The lone survivor was another villager who was deemed mad when he finally found his way back to our village months later. His mind was too far gone to tell his tale. He wanders the village warning us of “the dark beast that comes” and the “glowing sound found in the depth of night”.

Not long after my brother disappeared, I began to sneak into his room to touch his cittera which I had always loved. I taught myself to play it — sometimes with the help of lessons that my brother gives me while I dreamed. On occasion, when I play, I am transported — as if living in the world about which I sing. In my dreams, my brother tells me that there are tones one can sing that strike fear into one’s enemies and that I must find them. Though I cannot control it, I can sometimes concentrate my voice. I have accidentally killed small birds while searching for the secrets my ghost brother insists lie in my voice.

My parents forbid me to leave the Village when I expressed my desire to join The Protection. When a caravan arrived with goods from The City shortly before my 16th birthday, I stowed away in an empty cart and ran off to the College of Satire and am now an apprentice with The Protection. It is my solemn duty as I believe the dark beast is coming.

T'an S'en

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